Success Stories

High-Quality Cosmetic Dentistry

I flew down from bc on recommendations of Mr. Garcia’s work from 2 of my sister’s friends that had bin their for work recently and so glad I did.i had three upper front teeth removed and two implants placed. I expected the worse But turned out to be such an easy appointment, I’m so glad I came to Mr. Garcia. I am returning in April for further work. I highly recommend Mr. Garcia.

Wayne Roden

I booked an appointment for a root canal a week ahead in Canada, upon arrival for my appointment, the specialist was waiting for me, the room was private, quite large, with a mural painted on the ceiling, everyone spoke English. they gave me x-rays before and after the root canal to show me that the tooth was done correctly, I also got two anesthetics because I was nervous having a root canal for the first time, the procedure was quite painless, and I was booked several days later for the permanent filling, I was running late but he was there waiting for me, now my tooth looks brand new tooth! Thank you very much.

Arielle Nicholas

Dr. Antonio was amazing, I came in for an implant on Monday but he wouldn’t do the procedure. It was because there was a slight infection and he wanted me to wait two more days before starting the implant. So I changed my flight because I really liked his office and how he treats people and his honesty. So I came back in on Wednesday the procedure went great it took about a little less than an hour, great work. My wife’s coming here in October with me and we will both have some more work done! 😉

Ken Morris

Our family has become frequent travelers to Cabo in part because of this dentist. We discovered Dr. Antonio on a trip to Cabo and have been delighted patients ever since. Dr. Antonio has helped us with implants, cosmetic dentistry, and maintenance dentistry. We could not be more pleased. He is a very kind dentist and is very skilled in his work. I had an implant by another dentist and one by Dr. Antonio. The difference was night and day. I had much less swelling, pain, and much easier recovery with Dr. Antonio. His English is perfect, and he is delightful to talk with. His office is always sparkling clean and nicely appointed. We have complete confidence and this dentist and will be patients for life.

Robin Looper

Without doubt the best in Cabo, the place is clean and modern, Dr. Jose Antonio is highly professional, his work is perfect all the way to the small details that make patients feel safe.

Fernando Monraz