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Dental cleaning

It is done by an ultrasonic scaler and dental instruments by the dentist himself.

White filling

High quality composites are used to fill the cavities without any kind of metal.

Extraction and tooth surgery

It is a procedure to remove one or several teeth


It is a cosmetic treatment for whiter color of natural teeth.

Root canal

It is made by a specialist in this area. The nerve is removed, because of a large cavity or fracture of the tooth


It is a type of restoration which completely encircles a tooth or dental implant. Crowns are needed often when a large cavity threatens the ongoing health of a tooth or when the tooth is broken.

Permanent bridge

It consists of replacing one or more missing teeth, and can be attached from two or more natural teeth or implants


It covers the front face of each tooth to have a better, aesthetic result. We can change the color, position and anatomy of the natural tooth.

Denture or partial denture

This treatment is for those patients who lost all their teeth or most of them, so they can wear and remove this prosthetics.

Dental implant

The most innovative treatment that has revolutionized the success of dentistry. You can replace one or more with titanium implants


Impact for no replace fallen tooth

Maxillary rehabilitation