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Highest private oral health care quality in Cabo San Lucas

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Are you looking for a dentist in Cabo?

Many people in the United States and Canada don’t count with dental insurance and those who do will only be able to cover part of the most basic treatments. Still, it can be a little bit overpriced.

Some, have found an alternative that can benefit their pockets. Dental Tourism has become a popular way to receive high- quality dental care at a very affordable price and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is one of the main destinations.

According to Trip Advisor’s users, Cabo San Lucas is among the best 5 destinations in Mexico.

  • Gorgeous Resort
  • Professional and Affordable Dental Treatments
  • Unforgettable Sunsets
  • Turquoise Beaches
  • Amazing Tourist Services and Attractions
  • Wildlife and Adventure in the Sea of Cortez

Highest private oral health care quality in Cabo

Dr. Jose Antonio Garcia Montemayor, one of the best dentists in Cabo San Lucas, specialized in attending foreign patients. Dr. García Montemayor is an expert in cosmetic dentistry and implants. He’s been preparing himself for more than 15 years.

Dr. García, distinguishes himself as one of the dentists that conform the reputable Board of Ceritified dentist in Cabo San Lucas 

When you look for dental assistance abroad you need to make sure to get the best attention.

He’s a member of:

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Most Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

We focus on the specific needs or our clients, but there are some treatments that are the most sought after by our customers like: dental cleaning, zirconia crown, zirconia veneer, white filling or implants.

*Our rates are in Mexican pesos, but for informative purposes we’ll offer an approximate price in dollars (prices in dollars may vary according to exchange rate).

Dental Cleaning$200.00 USD$30.00 USD ($700.00 MXN)$170 USD
Zirconia Crown$800.00 USD$400.00 USD ($9,000.00 MXN)$400 USD
Zirconia Veneer$1.600.00 USD$400.00 USD ($9,000.00 MXN)$1,200 USD
White Filling$400.00 USD$90.00 USD (2,000.00 MXN)$310 USD
Dental Implants$3,500 USD$890 USD (20,000.00 MXN)$2610 USD

Dr. García will provide you the best support for all your dental care

You can be sure of the following:

Every patient receives exceptional care

We focus on providing an exceptional patient experience