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Looking for a good Dentist in Cabo San Lucas? 

Dr. Jose Antonio Garcia Montemayor, one of the best dentist in Cabo San Lucas is the owner of the Dental Clinic Dentist Cabo which is oriented towards the patients who come to the dental tourism in Mexico.
Doctor who the last 15 years continuously refined and educated. Dr. García Montemayor specializes in cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. He’s a member of:

The American Dental Association ADA since 2016.  ADA is an association that has more than 163,000 member and has been operating for almost 160 years.

Also he is the active President of:

The Academy of Osseointegration is a 6,000 member association with the mission “to improve oral health by advancing the science, ethics, and practice of implant dentistry and related technologies, and to support the professional needs of its members worldwide”.

Dr. José Antonio García Montemayor, distinguishes himself as one of the dentists that conform the reputable Board of Certified dentist in Cabo San Lucas 

When you look for dental assistance abroad you need to make sure to get the best attention

Foreign patients need be aware that in Mexico it is legal for general dentists un-certified in specialist procedures to attempt to do veneers, root canals, dental makeovers even dental implants at your expense. Your best assurance of getting the quality work you want and deserve is to use a board certified dentist when in Mexico.

  • Certified dentist
  • High Quality
  • Top Brands
  • Affordable Prices

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Our focus on providing an exceptional patient experience

Dr. García will provide you the best support for all your dental care

You can be sure of the following

  • Is safe to come to us: Doctor García is a very well prepared and experienced surgeon and physician.
  • You can save thousands of Dollars with us. Dental treatment in Mexico is about 80% cheaper than in the United States.
  • You’ll get the best attention and quality of service, maybe, sometimes, even better than what you get in the U.S Doctor García will listen to you, talk to you and explain everything you need to know without hesitating.
  • You won’t have any trouble communicating with us, the doctor speaks English fluently, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t speak Spanish.
  • Our spaces are perfectly clean and well kept.
  • We use high tech equipment.
  • The doctor is familiar to the same hygienic and sterilization techniques that are used by dentists in the United States.